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Scam Or Genuine?

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barry1010 | 09:54 Thu 21st Mar 2024 | How it Works
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I need to be sure this is a genuine site before I contact a tradesperson

So many scams about and I know it is easy to fake known websites etc



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In my area Barry the council have a safe trading scheme, I always use this as a starting point when looking for tradespeople. it comes under

We were approached by this company to join for a fee, we declined. We are with as before you are accepted you have to supply references from previous customers and they do contact them.  Also they don't charge a fee to the tradesperson .

AUNTYPOLL, there is a yearly fee with TrustATrader.

"Is there a charge for a tradesperson to join

Yes there is. We charge a yearly fee for membership, and this ensures that as a tradesperson, you know that we will do everything to help you; from sorting out your insurance to uploading photographs to your profile. We are here to provide the consumers with your valuable skills and experience, and of course that's called advertising!"

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Thanks all

THECORBYLOON  Thanks, l thought it was we were with but we get all our work from local sources and I have'nt been on that site for ages, they mayhave changed their T&C's. I think when looking for tradespeople you must ask locally. Cowboy tradesmen tend to work away from home not on their doorsteps.

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This tradesperson lives just up the road from me, fingers crossed he's a good one


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Scam Or Genuine?

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