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barry1010 | 23:58 Fri 29th Mar 2024 | How it Works
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If I award best answer to A then later change it to B, does A's Best Answer count go down or if once awarded, is a BA for life?



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No, remove a BA from someone, and it comes of their BA tally.
23:59 Fri 29th Mar 2024

lets give it a go

No, remove a BA from someone, and it comes of their BA tally.

Question Author

Take note of your tally, bednobs, we shall prove Sam1960 right or wrong tomorrow 


Sam is right 🙂

Everyones tally "answers, questions, BA's etc" gets updated every couple of hours or so.


BEDNOBS, it shows 234 in your profile. 


This thread is showing in your Best Answers.

BA's bednobs now showing as 235 in your profile

It's odd the thread was in the list but the count was wrong.

Agree TCL, adding a BA to a thread, should just be like adding a comment, everyone will see it, the second it's awarded. Confused though as to why bednobs saw BA's as 235, when we all saw it as 234  !! Thought all our stats were updated together every couple of hours !!

Continue your experiment Barry.

Show how well a moderator understands how this site works🤭

Question Author

Ozzy, all I need to understand to moderate is the Site Rules

Keep studying old mate

Question Author

I passed with flying colours.  Maybe you should spend a few minutes on revision.

I'll sit in the corner wearing a pointy hat

Experiment successful barry. Ba down to 234

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