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Painting Properly

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JinnyJoan | 09:48 Sun 19th May 2024 | How it Works
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I have now decided that I am going to replace a silver painted microwave with a white  microwave.

But underneath it is my silver painted dishwasher.  Bought that way.

Can anybody advise me on how to paint this white and the instructions to do so.  Thanks



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I have never seen a silver dishwasher, what make and model is it?

Barry it is silver painted as is my fridge freezer think I bought it in Argos.   It is  bush. Doesn't look stainless steel to me but maybe it is

Plenty of instructions online  - this seems clear enough

Hi linnyloan, if you feel up to it try dc-fix adhesive vinyl. It's pretty tough and comes in all sorts of colours and patterns. You could put it on just the parts you can see. I done all my kitchen with it, plenty youtube clips showing how to apply it. You can buy from b&m, b&q, the Range, fairly cheap as you wouldn't need much. Basically you cut the shapes you need, clean the surfaces it's going on, then press it on pushing out any bubbles, you can also use a pin to puncture bubbles then press the air out. I enjoyed it to be honest.

Jinnyjoan, where did linnyjoan come from...duh!

Are you sure it's not stainless steel, rather than painted? I don't think 'paint' appliances in the usual sense of the word. Done yourself, it won't last as long.

I used this brand on an old fridge years ago. Not perfect but it made the fridge look presentable until I got a new one.

Why don't you buy another silver microwave??

No appliances in my kitchen match.  I've got black, white, stainless steel, red and pink.  I don't care. 😁

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thanks for the answers - think will just buy the white microwave and leave the rest alone cos knowing me if I was to start painting the other appliances I would make a balls out of it and perhaps have to buy more appliances - nope - that's what I will do

good idea - if it aint broke don't try to fix it...

Have you seen the silver microwaves that Argos is selling?

I've only had stainless steel microwaves.  

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Painting Properly

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