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Sat Navs & USA Maps

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angbur | 13:49 Sat 09th Sep 2006 | How it Works
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I'm looking to buy a Sat Nav system, mainly for use in the UK. But also so I can take it abroad (particularly to use in Texas). However the only system I can find that includes North American maps is the TomTom 910 which costs �500. There are are far cheaper devices (eg TomTom one is only �200), but they only come with UK maps.

Is it possible to (and how can I) get maps to use on the cheaper models? Or will have to save up far more money that I anticipated?


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The TomTom home site has downloadable maps that you can purchase in addition to any supplied when you bought the GPS.

I've just bought a South East USA map for about �50 that i'm going to be using with my TomTom that originally only came with the UK map. You will need to make sure that you either have enough room on your SD card to copy the map to or buy a bigger one if needed (about �20 for 1GB).

Either way, its a lot cheaper then �500 for the top of the range TomTom.

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Sat Navs & USA Maps

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