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owning a motor bike

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manutdstott | 23:47 Mon 16th Aug 2004 | How it Works
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i'v always wanted to own a motor bike. I'm thinking of buying a small motor cycle to start with. upto what size bike can i ride on a full uk driving license for a car? do i need to do a basic test first? can i go on the motorway or do i need to pass a test first. what size engine can you go on a motorway with. and what size engine does an automatic go up to? ps sorry if i posted this under the wrong category theres nothing under automobiles. thanx.


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Don't bother! I work in the Op Theatre and see loads of accidents involving motorcyclists, experienced and novices alike. We have a name for motorcyclists in Theatre. It's Organ Donors. You have no airbag, safety belt, little protection from the elements and always come off worst in an accident whether it's your fault or not. Sorry to bring doom and gloom to your question, not trying to influence your lifestyle just giving the benefit of experience.
I'll give you the benefit of my experience also, I have ridden a bike for many years, always ridden defensively and never been in an accident. I'll agree its dangerous but if you do all you can to be safe then the risks are greatly reduced.
Bikes are good but you do need to be carefull. Its not coming of that does the damage its what u hit. Depending on when u passed your car test will decide what u can ride. I think its before '97 the u can ride upto a 125cc at around 15bhp with L plates on most roads but motorways. If you take the CBT and theory u can then ride a 125cc @ 33bhp on motorway.
Now to answer the question. Things may have changed a little bit but this should be pretty accurate. You can ride a 50cc scooter on a car license, but you must also pass a CBT test before you can ride on the road. You can then ride a 125cc motorcycle of a maximum of 2 years with a provisional license (CBT) you then need to take a full test or redo a CBT. Depending on how old you are there are 3 options, if your under 21 the first is take the test on a 125cc and that then gives you a A1 License , which allows you to ride a light motorcycle which will be upto 125cc and a power output of 16.4Bhp. Secondly again at 17 you can get an A license which allows you to ride a motorcycle of under 33bhp, after 2 years this restriction is lifted and you can ride any motorcycle. The final option is called Direct Access which is avaliable to 21 year olds and over, this allows you to ride any motorcycle.
As for the motorway, you can't ride a vehicle of 50cc or under on a motorway (and some A roads, normally called something like A11(M)). As for Automatics thats pretty much just scooters these days upto 150cc but they are not really suitable of longer distances. Of course you can't ride on a motorway without a full license.
stay well away from bikes! get a car, much safer. saw a guy killed right in front of me two weeks ago in north london after being knocked off his bike!! not a nice thing to see!
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thanx for some of you concerns, but i'm 34 been driving 14 years without a single bump. i know you dont stand much of a chance on a bike, we can all be guilty of being too carefull in life, and end up regretting the things you wanted to do that you never did do. thanx to all who posted an answer. especially WoWo who answered all my questions.
This is something I have been toying with and hoped to own a 50-75cc by the end of the year, but being very superstious as I clicked on the answers, the TV programme six feet under came on, so I will put my plans off for a while...
Lots of good answers and sensible comments. Just remember it doesn`t matter who`s to blame, coming off a 2-wheeler is gonna hurt! As far as engine size goes there are several `super-scooters`on the market with automatic boxes and engines of around 600cc. Suzuki Burgman and Honda Silverwing spring to mind as being long distance tourers with unbelievable top speeds. good luck and be careful.
u can drive only a 50cc moped on a driving licence - if u do a CBT u can ride any 125cc bike for 2 years then u have to either do CBT again or go for a bigger bike thru the direct access or learning like with a car if u just awant to do 50cc scooter u dont need to do cbt you can just buy and ride but CBT is recomended
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owning a motor bike

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