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unwanted emails

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sweety36 | 20:25 Tue 14th Oct 2008 | How it Works
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Is there any way of stopping unwanted emails? Just checked my emails, some of them are from loan companies asking me if I want a unsecured loan.
Some of them are competitions where you have to answer & load of questions & make a purchase to enter. Are they genuine?!


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No they're not - it's all spam.

Train your filter to delete them automatically and use this free program:

Never, ever reply to spam -it will prove your email address is live and it will get sold on, so you will get lots more spam
Or try this........

Download free.
Or just use Gmail and report them as spam and be done with it -- most won't even make their way into your inbox, as Gmail has the best spam filtering out there right now.
my email is via yahoo and all I do is "mark as spam" and thereafter any coming from the same source / company are automatically filtered.
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Many thanks Toureman. Have been on the spamfighter websitte & downloaded it

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unwanted emails

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