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Windows Security Centre / Service Pack 2 / Comodo internet security

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Bazile | 01:55 Thu 04th Feb 2010 | How it Works
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I had a problem in that windows XP would not load up on my PC ; and I therefore used the
Recovery / restore discs that came with PC .

1. However now when I go into control panel - ' Windows Security Centre' has not been reloaded.

Should it have been reloaded automatically - or do I need to install separately ,the relevant
'service pack ' in order for 'Security Centre' to return ?

2. I have visited the Mircrosoft Download site and can only find 'service pack 3' - but it says I need to have 'service pack 2' before i can download 'service pack 3'

Any idea from where i can download 'service pack 2' ?

3. I have also downloaded ' Comodo' free internet security , but it wont install .
There is a message saying -
'' Comodo internet security product supports Windows XP Service pack 2 or Vista , therefore cannot continue with installation ''

Might be a silly question , but is it saying Comodo cant be installed because I have not got
'service pack 2' ?

I would appreciate any assistance


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i'm surprised to hear your comp has not got the major update service pack2 on.its been out years,you could get it free from Microsoft years ago on cd.rom to save you downloading it.
i'd search round the internet for a download from somewhere (a safe one)
try this click on "click to download here"
I really would not suggest download a service pack from any other site apart from Microsoft.

As I said on the Q in tech just do a windows update, the service pack is not the only updates you need to install.
Softwarepatch is a useful and clean site .. and keeps all the security updates and SPs. I have used many times over the years.
I think you should try a re-install of SP2. SP2 adds WSC. When you have successfully applied SP2 check SP3. If you have an AMD processor, you should apply the patch for this first, before installing SP3.
This should add all required patches up to approx May 2008. You will need others after this time. Something like 84 updates!

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Windows Security Centre / Service Pack 2 / Comodo internet security

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