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Buying car insurance...

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Mobius1 | 14:55 Thu 19th Apr 2012 | Insurance
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The time for me to renew my car insurance is fast approaching and I always like to be prepared having sought alternative quotes before receiving the renewal letter from my current insurance.

At present I am with CIS through Coverbox, but last year Coverbox tried to pull a fast one on me by not offering me a fair discount based on miles I had not driven (it is a pay-as-you-drive policy) and I had to spend a lot of time and effort complaining and making phone calls to get the renewal price amended.

So far this year I have used every comparison site you might care to mention and I can't find a price better than around £500 without putting a stupid excess on. Moreover, I've found that the cheapest price is with no voluntary excess at all, which makes zero sense to me. The cheapest quote is from Hastings, but I've read reviews online for them and they are universally seen as being terrible for all manner of reasons. The next cheapest is around £700. I don't really want to pay an extra 200 smackers if I can help it.

Does anyone have any suggestions of where I might try - preferably places you've had good experiences with?

I am a 25 y/o male, I have held my license since Dec '04, I have completed a Pass Plus course in '05. I drive an '02 Nissan Micra around 6K miles per year and have 7 years NCB with no previous convictions, motoring offences or any insurance claims to my name. I always expected when I was this age my insurance would go down but that really doesn't seem to be the case.


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You have forgot to tell us approximately where you reside, makes a big difference to the quote.
Question Author
Sorry - I live in an area called Cradley Heath which is in the West Midlands - B64 postcode.
Have you tried the comparison sites - comparethemarket and

My insurance renewal has just come through and it is £30 cheaper than last year - Direct Line (not on the comparison sites). I was insured with them when I was involved in a fatal accident some years ago. My car was written off and they handled the claim very well.
I was with the AA, but recently renewed with Swinton saving a couple of hundred pounds.
I'm with Direct Line, too; no problems and no fuss. They were also very competitive when I had my (then) under 25yr-old son on my car insurance. Try phoning them for a quote - or do it online and then phone them as I have found you can sometimes get the total down a bit when speaking to a real person.
try MartinFlux brokers or National Farmers Union (really)
i have been looking myself recently. Co-op seem to offer good insurance for young drivers 25 and under, as long as your willing to attach a smart box to your car, where they can track your driving and your insurance is based on that. couldn't do it myself due to age of car, but you can only try!
I would also try Direct Line, don't forget to inform them of your previous good record, also remember that most on line reviews posted are only from the unhappy against the many more happy clients, not saying Hastings are good/excellent but by law they have to comply to what the other companies offer. Maybe it is time to say to your self "ok it's Hastings as I do not intend claiming from them and they offer me the cover required" ??
Question Author
I was with Direct Line back in 2008 and they now want more than £900 to insure me so I've counted them out. Swinton want over a grand.

I do currently have Co-operative with a tracker box in my car which meant my insurance last year was £460 but I get the feeling it's going to be more this year - call me cynical or a realist. I will try MartinFlux for a quote and see what they offer.

Else I might have to follow KJNs advice and bite the bullet. What difference does customer service really make when at best effort you never intend to contact anyone there.
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Buying car insurance...

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