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Young Drivers - Insure the Box

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worriedfather | 14:35 Sat 03rd Nov 2012 | Insurance
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Just wanted to share something here with you all. My 18 year old son recently passed his test and was offered an apprenticeship within a week of each other. Happy days we thought.
The apprenticeship pay is £100 per week and he needs a car to drive to work each day. However, his lowest insurance quote was £5800 for a group 1 car. (Even if I was the named driver). That is more than he would be earning and subsequesntly, after a heart breaking decission, he couldn't accept the job.
Then we discovered Insure the Box which is an insurance company who install a tracker box on your car.
The deal is that you are limited to a certain number of miles, the tracker box assesses his driving skills and then awards good driving by adding bonus miles (and no doubt could do the opposite for bad driving).
The cost ..............£1168 pa and he already has had 100 bonus miles added.

The product not only allows young drivers to be able to afford insurance, but it also encourages good driving.

I think this is a wonderful product and will hopefully address the issue of uninsurred drivers by making car insurance affordable for all.

.....and by the way, my son was then offord a full time job that pays 4 times more so happy days all round.


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Glad you've found a solution but I'm not sure it will help with uninsured drivers - many of whom are banned from driving or have no intention of paying for insurance, ever.
Various companies do a similar scheme. I know Admiral do for example.
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Young Drivers - Insure the Box

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