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Loyalty Is Punished - Shocker!

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ToraToraTora | 09:55 Wed 19th Dec 2018 | Insurance
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How dim are people? Of course they are going to hike it up, how do you think they can afford the cheap prices for on boarding new customers? Hit the comparison sites every time for all insurance and utilities end of. An apathetic mate of mine save hundreds the first time he did it. LOYALTY IS PUNISHED, NOT REWARDED.


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"Now the UK's competition watchdog has said millions of unsuspecting customers were being exploited by bad practices by firms." - err yes but surely people have some responsibility to look after their own affairs.
I tend to always use comparison sites then go back to current provider to explain why I am unfortunately leaving them, somehow they always meet or better the quote I give them !!!
Maybe so, but many feel that trust ought not be abused, that it's not 'the done thing', and probably should be illegal. Modern day business ethics for you.
Saves me the time of faffing around cancelling and setting up new direct debits
Question Author
with my utility, at renewal time, I did a comparison and guess what they came top of the list with a deal that was better than the one I was about to go onto. I called them up and said I have a better deal from a comparison site. They asked who I said "YOU"! PMSL I then demanded the same deal as they were offering new customers. New deal starts again Jan, getting ready for the same charade!
Yes have had similar happen to me
My energy provider did the same thing after a two year contract -quoted me £350 more per annum. So I changed to Bulb after listening to the money program on channel 4 how good they are, they quoted me less that I was already on per annum with a monthly contract with no penalty clause. All I had to do was cancel the DD from my Bank and give them my Bank Details. -that's it -they did everything else and are providing a sterling service so far.
Every year I change car insurance companies. I can't be hassled calling and begging for a reduction, I just go with the cheapest,cancel the previous and set up a new DD. Its five minutes work for sometimes £50 reduction.
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Loyalty Is Punished - Shocker!

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