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Ridiculous Increase In Car Insurance

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Barmaid | 15:23 Fri 12th Jan 2024 | Insurance
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Our car insurance was £587 last year.  This year it has gone up to £1,700!!!!!  We are both over 50 (him over 60), both professionals, do very little mileage every year (perhaps around 7000), we have had no accidents or claims in something like 20 years, neither of us have ever had any form of motoring offence or endorsement.  We have lived in the same village for 5 years.  

He has shopped around all morning and the cheapest he can find is £1000.  He has tried all the comparison sites and  no end of insurers not on such sites.  I've sent him to call a broker I used to use.

The car is quite an expensive one - 18 month old Audi A8, so I imagine the increase in top marque thefts might be an issue but still an "apathy" increase which trebles the insurance is unbelievable with the next best price still nearly doubling it.

Any tips?  Or good brokers, please?



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Mine's not due just yet - paid £440 lat year (RAC), current quotes seem to be around £550. old RAV4

Lol Barmaid.  I see you now have an admirer on here.  I've never witnessed PP flirting before.  

The cartel have obviously got together recently (they tend to meet on the golf course because it's very difficult to bug the fairways) to put the squeeze on.  They know you've got to have it - so it gives them "licence to print money".


have you tried via a cashback site?  I usually get mine through topcashback (the actual insurance is with aviva this year) they do comparison PLUS cashback 

just checked what my renewal would be as it's due in a month.

last year via TCB it was £197 (with £42 cahback received about 4 months later)  this year it's £286 (with £49 cashback to be applied on top)  so that's approx 1/3 increase - not as steep as your increase, but percentage wise not too far off

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Ridiculous Increase In Car Insurance

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