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smudge | 18:26 Sat 16th Mar 2024 | Insurance
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We've been with the same helpful insurance brokers for many years, but as our home and contents premium has increased by £160 in the last year (even though we have never made a claim) I thought I'd search online for a better deal. We have 9 years NCB and found Tesco and Saga to be ok'ish for us, but wondered if you ABer's have any other recommendations? Thanks in advance.  



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I swapped to Tesco last year as Direct Line put my premium up by a stupid amount even though I'd been with them over 20 years without a claim.

The process with Tesco was easy but of course the real proof of the pudding with any insurance is what happens when you make a claim.  I haven't made a claim so can't comment on that.

A useful starting point, I feel:

I'm with RIAS, whom I found through one of the price comparison sites.

I'm with Policy Expert

We insure through LV but always shop around starting about three weeks before the policy is due

We use AXA, but when I made a claim 18 months ago for damage to my roof, they said it was wear and tear and I wasn't covered. I said it was ok before the micro burst moved the tiles, but they weren't having any of it. Not sure I should stay with them, or any of them, actually. They want your money but don't want to do the business that you pay them for when the time comes.

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Good morning all, I wish there was a 'like' button for all your replies, but a thank you goes further. I'll read the link from Chris and look into all your other suggestions. Have a lovely day! 😻


I have Saga for contents - premium has stayed the same more or less in recent years. Freeholder does the buildings.

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Oh Neti, I was just thinking of you and wondering how you are, then your little sign appeared. I hope you, your husband and daughter are all well. ^8^ 

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Thank you Dave - yes, Saga's premium was quite good too. 

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Clarion - I'm glad you mentioned that, as when I received the quote from Tesco, it read that they wouldn't pay out if any roof damage was accidental, i.e., builders damage, etc. Always pays to check the 'small print' albeit tedious!    

Not just cost but ease of deling with any incident too. I have just renewed minw with Direct Line.The qote was a bit higher than last year but comparable to many on comparison sites. S as always, I phoned and asked for a sweetener and got £40 off.

I went with them again because after my iPhone, house keys and cards were swiped in Athens last Feb they were brilliant to deal with and repaced with a brand new phone the day after I got back and house lock replaced with a very high security one. No paperwork just a quick phone call. Sorted!

I'm with Direct Line, the cheapest I could find after Churchill wanted to increase my premium by over 40%

That's amusing, brainiac as DL and Churchill are the same company 

I know - that's what I said to the guy on the phone !

Oh deary me smudge. I got the sign wrong!  Yes thank you we are all well. X

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Hi again Neti - so glad to read you and yours are all ok. I may pop back from time to time, but until then, take care and stay young at heart, like me! 😏 ^8^


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Thanks again for your helpful replies everyone. 

I do wesleyan finance - birmingham

and yes I dont think I have claimed - oh yes ! 1986 - awful faff - and have  kept with  them.

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