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Home Business Insurance

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shivvy | 00:49 Sat 25th May 2024 | Insurance
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I have regular home insurance.  Recently I have thought about running a business from home.  I thought I should contact my current insurers to see if it might impact on my policy only to find out that it renders my policy null and void!

I have looked for quotes to cover me for home and home business cover and they range from an additional £150 to £9500!!!

My question is - why so few insurers would quote for cover and why it would be so expensive?

PS - the business would be taking dogs into my home for home-from-home boarding, and I plan to take out seperate insurance to cover that aspect of the business.



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The different sections within this link cover all of the different things which you might want covered by your policy.  While some people might only need cover for one or two things shown there, others might need cover for just about everything.  So premiums will vary enormously:

Remember that you might need to look into both planning permission (for a partial change of use) and business rates (for using part of your home to run a business) as well as the costs of insurance.

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Thanks Buenchico.  I think I'm happy with specific insurance that I have seen for the dog boarding aspect because it deals with all aspects of animal welfare etc.  What I need is a regular Building & Contents insurer that will accept the business running from home.  Maybe that is more unusual than I thought it would be?

If you have a mortgage you might well need your provider's permission to run a business from the premises.

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Home Business Insurance

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