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Alloys extra,

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gsr600 | 19:52 Thu 23rd Oct 2008 | Insurance
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when asking for a quote & mention you have different alloy wheels than standard but of the same size,
they say it will cost more to insure although with standard alloys was �250 with aftermarket alloys another �102 is this justifiable -then they mention that they will only fit standards wheels if stolen,
so basically they charge more but don't cover them,
how annoying is that****
as standard alloys & tyres would cost a lot more to replace,



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The principle behind this is that upgrading your car with glittery and shiny items means that the chavs are more likely to steal the bits or the car.

If a lovely durg user takes your wheels, best case scenario is that he leaves it on bricks, so no damage.

Or he could just leqave the brake discs on the floor, causing more damage that the insurers have to deal with - most people don't nick the standard alloys as they're generally toss.

The moral of this story is - you can't polish a turd - stop modifying cars if you're over 17 and have a proper job

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Alloys extra,

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