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Car Insurance Claim; Crash due to black ice; High excess on low value car - How to proceed next?

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Shredder11 | 22:16 Wed 29th Dec 2010 | Insurance
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I had a bad crash due to black ice this month, where I ploughed through a stone wall and badly damaged my car (nobody else involved other than the owner of the wall). Prior to the crash it was in very good condition and would have easily last for many more years. However the insurance company will only see it is an N reg, then value it low and write it off. My excess is £500 voluntary + £150 compulsory and the only reason I put a claim in, is because I was worried what would happen if I did not, due to the Police being called to the scene and also the owners of the wall being called as well.

Nine days ago when I rang the claim in, they told me an engineer of theirs would be visiting the car to evaluate it etc, and then I would be informed of the decision and the value of the car. I got quite a shock when I used the site to do a test insurance quote, and the value of the car was automatically calculated and it said £250!!! Now prior to the crash I could have sold it on Ebay for example, for £800 to £1000 easily. So when my insurers call me back, can I get them to up their offer by mentioning the value of items on the car that have recently been added? If this car was being broken down and sold as parts, it would fetch quite a bit; new tyres, discs, pads, exhaust, heavy duty £80 battery only 2mths old etc.

So in summary, how should I play it and can I realistically ask for more money if they offer a disgusting price? Also how long do they give you to pay your excess, or can it added onto your next years premium? I have a protected no claims bonus by the way.

Thanks for any advice!


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Not making a claim for the Escort incident doesn't of course magivally mean the accident didn't happen. Presumably you lied about that in subsequent insurance renewals or your premium would have gone up anyway?
*magically, not magivally. Doh!
Question Author
Just got the insurers response through the post and they valued my car at £800 - £650 excess = £150 due to me. Should I accept this or try haggle for a little more, maybe £1000 perhaps? It says new tyres and mechanical parts are not included in the valuation, so I am not sure how they arrived at their value yet.

I suppose the £150 or more will go towards my increased premium, despite having a protected no claims bonus....

They do not mention anything about the wall or garage storage charges.

I now have under 48hrs to contact them, otherwise my car will be gone.
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Regards the Escort years ago, the house owners were not interested in claiming because they were happy no damage had been done. The only damage was to the car and I got my father to tow me to a local garage, and it was later repaired at my own cost.

So there was no need to claim and there was no benefit in doing so, plus nobody had any need for compensation. It was a non-event in the finish up, with me out of pocket.
But it was still "an accident" which is always asked about on insurance quotes. They ask if you've had any accidents in the past five years. So either you lied and said "no" or you admitted to it and it would have affected the premiums. An accident doesn't fail to have ever happened just because no claims were made.
Question Author
I do not consider myself to have lied, I just followed common sense and the most appropriate option; that is what life is all about. Also it is similar to the tree falling in a forest with nobody to witness it; did it really fall or exist even? Also consider this; my Peugeot was vandalised in a car park in Xmas 2008, but I did not claim so does this also mean I lied etc? Or what about house insurance; if you spilled a cup of tea on your carpet, but did not claim and instead hired a cleaning machine, would this be a lie? Maybe I am taking this too seriously and should instead lighten up and be in on the joke, which it is of course....right?

Anyway this week I am busy selling things to raise some cash to buy another car. My workplace have run out of patience with me getting two busses to work, covering approx 12 miles each way and then arriving 20 or 30mins late. This is despite the winter being one of the worst in living memory, and the distance involved and only being late about twice in four weeks. I'd love to see them suffer the same as I have done! Meanwhile the drunken louts roll in late or not at all, and get a pat on the back and a good collective laugh. I kid you not...
Question Author
I would like to send my warmest sincere thanks to all who have given me advice. I have found it a real help and a source of comfort, and I would do the same for others and infact I have helped others with their problems for many years. The internet is about sharing information and more, so long may that continue.

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Car Insurance Claim; Crash due to black ice; High excess on low value car - How to proceed next?

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