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Laptop warranty extension

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linedancer16 | 01:03 Wed 12th Jan 2011 | Insurance
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The warranty on my Dell laptop has just expired after its first year. I have been quoted £61 pounds to extend it for a further year. Is this a good deal or is it worth bothering with at all. I havent had any problems so far. Are there any other alternatives? I am not at all technically minded and would need help if a problem arose!


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seems reasonable to me - i pay for a "anything" policy with pc world and it costs 9.99 a month
No, they never pay out anyway. It won't cover software issues either.
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Thanks for the answers! Not sure what to do now! One for, one against. Will have to decide one way or the other before Dell start pestering me with phone calls.
R1 - this is 100% true as if you claim or anything goes wrong they'll instantly say "virus" which removes them from replacing or fixing the item.
I'd keep the money and spend it on something useful as this is just a way to get extra money off you,
We had a similar dilemma and went for it. The screen has now spontaneously combusted and stopped working - it would have been about £200 to replace so we are glad of the extended warranty.....

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Laptop warranty extension

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