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black ice - who pays

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kazzak | 17:53 Wed 12th Jan 2011 | Insurance
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On christmas eve I had a car accident. My car is a cheverlot/kalos, which is now a right-off. Stupidly I has third party insurance so I could not make a claim. My partner took out a bank loan so that I could pay for the car with cash. I now have to pay recovery charges £400 and monthly bank loan fees, I have no transport for work and I ache all over. It can't get worse! the scrap value is £500.


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What good would that do, kazzak? - you'd still have to pay for the bank loan, in work or not.
18:18 Wed 12th Jan 2011
Well I doubt you'd get much joy trying to claim from the ices insurance.
and thats why its always advised to pay for fully comp when you would find yourself out of pocket if you lost the car.

Is it a full write off or could you pay to get repaired
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Total right-off. I insured my old car, which was worth £200/300 with a third party policy, then automatic just changed the car details, I think the insurance company should point out the differences.
Did you not know the differences yourself? You still would have been 3rd party..
Why should they? You do get confirmation of your insurance posted to you and it would have say what type of cover you have.
you really want an insurance company to tell you about how to cover your losses should the worst happen?

didnt your partner point it out when they gave the money over, that you should make sure you were covered?

its a harsh lesson to learn, but no-ones fault except your own really
Oh by the way, it can always get worse.
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Well no help there then! Yes, I do know its my fault and yes I also know that things can be worse, i just thought someone might know where I can turn next. Prehaps I should give up working and claim benefits.
It might seem rude but it seems fairly basic. Your question was 'who pays'. If you have inadequate insurance then you pay. I'm not sure who else you would expect to pay.
What good would that do, kazzak? - you'd still have to pay for the bank loan, in work or not.
perhaps your partner can help you out?
Like Milly didn't have adequate insurance. I've always had fully comp on every car I've owned...regardless of it's age.
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hate i told you so goody goodies, You are right boxtops, that would just get me further in a mess. Someone suggested I make a claim against the local authorities for not gritting a major road. Might make enquires.
And I hate it when people are desperate to find someone else to blame for their mistakes.
The local authority can only do what they can - I think you'll find that even not all main roads were gritted (or froze over again) during the recent severe cold. It's a sad fact that people these days have very little experience of driving on ice or packed snow - I think you would find it hard to make any claim stick under these circumstances. Not everything is someone else's fault.
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nothing constructive for this conversation, answers are too bitchy forget it.
No bitchy, kazzak - factual. I used to work in motor claims.
3rd party is for when you have an old banger and can write off the loss should it occur. These days they aren't always even all that much cheaper than fully comp. I know the last time Ichecked with my insurance company (yes I know I should have shopped around) the difference was laughable.
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You obviously don’t like the bitchy answers you received so I’ll try to help. You have two avenues of redress:

1.Go to your Town Hall, tell them you hold the council entirely responsible for your misfortune based on the fact that they failed to grit the road on which you skidded. They will write you a cheque there and then for the full value of a new Chevrolet Kalos, five years free servicing and comprehensive insurance for your first year.

2. Contact your insurers, tell them you hold them entirely responsible for your misfortune for not telling you that Third Party insurance only covers you for damage to, err, Third Parties. They will immediately send you a cheque for the full value of a brand new Range Rover and pay for all your petrol for a year. They should also provide a hire car until your new car is delivered.

Is that any more helpful?

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black ice - who pays

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