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How Will Employment Compensation Be Paid?

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hundreddolla | 22:38 Tue 01st Apr 2008 | Jobs
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My wife has been awarded �7000 compansation from The Employment Tribunal for unfair dismaissal / unfair redundancy. What amount of time does he have to pay? How will it be paid to her?



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Your wife should notify the (former) employer that she expects to receive payment within a given period of time (I suggest 10 days) after which, if she's not received payment, she'll initiate action in the county court, seeking payment of the �7000 together with the court costs.

There's actually nothing to stop your wife going straight to the county court but it would seem reasonable to give the (former) employer time to pay, to avoid the hassle of court action: .htm#1

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Thanks Buen Chico!
How long from the end of the tribunal does he have to pay the money? She was only awarded the money last Thursday. How will the payment be made? Does her former employer pay the tribunal and then the tribunal will pay my wife? Or does her former employer pay direct to her?
The Tribunal sends a written judgement to both parties within 14 days of the Hearing. When you've got that write to the former employer, stating that you expect to be paid as per Chris' suggestion above. The employer pays your wife directly. It's between the 2 parties to work out what the method of payment will be. Ask for a cheque in the letter if that's what you want.
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Thanks BuildersMate!
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Thanks to the both of you! A great help. I have worded the letter as below. Any additions? Ideas are greatly appreciated.

"I am writing to request the �xxx,xxx compensation awarded to myself by the Employment Tribunal. I require payment within ten days from receipt of this letter. After which, if I have not received payment, I will initiate action in the county court, seeking payment of the �xxx,xxx ,together with the court costs. Please send a cheque to the address below."

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How Will Employment Compensation Be Paid?

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