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Which Is A More Useful Degree Business Management Or Computing

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kanwal3017 | 19:32 Thu 07th Sep 2017 | Jobs & Education
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My daughter is doing her A levels but she cannot decide what she should do at university. Business Management or Computing degree. Can someone help and tell me which would have a better future?


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From the official careers advice website for graduates:

As you'll see from that, a Computer Science degree almost automatically channels a graduate into a career in IT, whereas a Business & Management Studies degree leaves far more options open.
What subject does she actually like studying? It is far more important to study what you like and are good at, you can then pick up other qualifications. e.g.. Eldest female sprog loved Chemistry and read Chemistry at Durham. Tried working as a Research Chemist and decided it was not for her. Now very successful and very well-paid in the world of finance (even qualified as an I.F.A. by on-line courses with a view to setting-up on her own). Your daughter should follow her heart at this stage, the chance won't come again.

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Which Is A More Useful Degree Business Management Or Computing

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