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University Greenwich Or South Bank For Business Management Degree

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kanwal3017 | 19:36 Tue 10th Oct 2017 | Jobs & Education
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My daughter wants to do a business management degree at either South Bank or University Greenwich but she cannot decide where. Could someone give a suggestion.


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flip a coin?
I doubt that it really makes a great deal of difference as to which of those two universities she chooses.

However South Bank has a single campus, with all of the accommodation nearby, whereas Greenwich has three separate sites, with some students having to live quite a way from where they'll be studying. (It's also further from the centre of London, making nights out on the town just a little bit more difficult).

So South Bank would possibly have the edge in terms of location and student life. (It's easier to socialise with fellow students if everyone lives in the same area, which would certainly apply at South Bank but possibly less so at Greenwich).
At either of these accommodation and transport/living costs will be high and you will find the student loan will not be anywhere near sufficient to cover her costs unless you can support her and/or she can can get a part-time job. Are these the only two options available to her. Money of course isn't the only factor and if these universities have a high reputation then she should go for the one she prefers
One of my son's went to Greenwich Uni.......Just graduated this summer.....achieved superb grades..said it was the best 3 years he could have ever imagined....stayed at various campus sites throughout.....furthest one away from the university is Avery Hill and good few miles away, but there are much nearer ones. Lovely views over the river of The Shard etc....the 02 across the other side...getting into Central London not really a problem as trains or buses dont take long. Whatever your daughter decides, hope she enjoys her time there, kanwal
(Heard South Bank is very good academically, but no personal experience.)
Forgot to say there is accommodation suites, which the name escapes me, around the corner from The Cutty Sark, which is only about a 5 minute walk to the son stayed there first year. If you go with your daughter on their Open Days to see the Uni and campus, they will show you where it is.
>>> At either of these accommodation and transport/living costs will be high

All student accommodation units at South Bank University are within a 10 minute walk of the lecture halls. They won't necessarily cost any more than similar accommodation elsewhere. London has the best public transport system of any city in the UK (other than Manchester or Birmingham, possibly) and it's one of the cheapest.

If your daughter is just finishing her 6th form studies (rather than a mature student or having just completed a gap year) a more important consideration might be the distance from home. When I was teaching 6th formers I always advised them not to consider any university within 100 miles of home, otherwise they might get tempted to go home every weekend (or their parents would visit them too often), meaning that they wouldn't get fully immersed in the social life of university (which is every bit as important as the academic side).

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University Greenwich Or South Bank For Business Management Degree

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