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ck1 | 10:08 Tue 03rd Mar 2020 | Jobs & Education
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I've got a friend who wants some help with a CV. She's mid-fifties and from Colombia, has a degree in Engineering and worked for a couple of years in an internal sales role for an engineering company after graduating. Since then she's been out of work (about 20-25 years) and following her husband around the world with his job whilst raising the kids. She's now back in the UK and looking for a senior position in an engineering company. What's the best way to present the lack of employment over this time period on the CV?


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to be honest, she probably needs to lower her sights - a person in their mid fifties with 2 years experience of work in the 90s and a 30 year old degree would not be getting a senior position anywhere.
yep, I'm forced to agree with bednobs. Just be honest on the CV. From what I can see she has no actual engineering experience even when she was working. They do have Senior Apprenticeships in some of the big firms that may be an option.
sorry, i also mean tto answer your actual question. there is a lot of value in having experience of running a family and exerience of different cultures. I would put the dates and a brief explanation of the skills gained
Just a thought, ck,

Spanish-speaking, husband's job taking them around the world (multi-cultural experience), probably proficient in English.

I think it may be worthwhile pushing the "soft" skills.
Engineering in the Spanish-speaking world - probably not a senior position, but since everything is global these days, there could well be something out there, even if PR based.

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