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Work Related Stress

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phleb | 23:51 Tue 14th Jul 2020 | Jobs & Education
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I started a new job in September. I was offered the job when my mum passed away and told them I couldn’t accept as my head wasn’t in the right place. The manager was lovely and she waited until I was ready. I ended up with a different line manager who is loud and very rude. Over the months she has interrupted phone conversations I’m having with people, where she shouts in the back ground. When asking for assistance she uses a cold tone of voice ( like “what now?”). She isn’t very supportive and try’s to dump me in the deep end with no support. Ie she asked me to cover a meeting for her which I hadn’t done before and kept changing her mind as to if I would do it or she would. Last minute On the day she said I shud do it, but gave me no details or paperwork. She did it herself in the end. This time I asked if she would show me where the paperwork is saved so I can look at how it’s done, and if I could shadow her in the next meeting. She decided to work from home and do the paperwork at home. Today I was asked by a senior member of staff to make a call, I made the call and she started shouting saying it’s not my job to do that. Why did I say that? I didn’t say anything wrong. She didn’t give me a chance to explain why I made the call. I then emailed the member of staff telling them what I said and they were happy with my way of dealing with the task. I am at the end of my tether working with her, she is so rude. My child was poorly and I text her to tell her I may not make it in due to him being really unwell, I asked if she could ask my colleague to cover for me. She said she would rather I came in. So I did. The next day she called the colleague to come in to cover for another member of staff as she had a lot of work load. I felt that was out of order as my child was ill and she made me come in. I don’t know what to do. I love the job, but don’t like her behaviour. I can’t work with her much longer, I need the job and money though. Is this a form of bullying? What should I do? Thanks x


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This is just some of the stuff she has done to make me feel so unhappy when she’s in work. Others have also mentioned things they don’t like about her behaviour
Hi Phleb, sorry you are having a rough time of it - could you and your colleagues get together and speak to someone more senior about how challenging this line manager is?

Always better with numbers than going it alone.
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Thank you mamyallyne One has already changed her job and gone into another office. The other is retiring in September. The others have been there a long time and are also retiring and won’t go to the manager as they know they will leave.
Find someone senior you can approach then and explain how miserable her attitude is generally - if they want happy workers now and in the future they should have a word.

Good luck.
If your line-manager would normally have made the 'phone call, I would have thought the senior member of staff would have made her aware you had been telt to do it.

I would also expect that person to let your line manager know he/she was happy with what you had done.
IF you can join a union, do so immediately. Nobody should have to work under such conditions. You are entitled to time off to care for a dependent relative. Stay strong you are not alone in this situation
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It’s a part of my job to make calls. And the senior member of staff asked me to do it as he does with other things. She thought the senior member of staff should have done it themselves. Instead of letting me explain why I was asked to do it she just went on one. I felt crap when I left work today. I’m not happy going back. I’m not sure what to do.
Question Author
Also my line manager knows that’s a part of my job and she hates it when someone is doing jobs without relying on her. She calls it taking over!

I’m not with a union and will look into it. I’m not sure if I should speak to the senior manager In confidence. I don’t want to make the working environment more uncomfortable than it is. I’m looking for another job in the meantime. We spend most of our lives working and I want to be happy where I work.
Join a union very quickly, keep a dated log of incidents of nastiness by this person, speak to your line manager but if your immediate manager is this person then explain what is hapening to the one above her. Once you are in union speak to the rep in your place of work or see someone from outside your work place.

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Work Related Stress

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