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What Does My Daughter Need To Take For Her Digs At Uni?

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winkyridg | 09:15 Thu 03rd Sep 2020 | Jobs & Education
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Hi, my 21 year old Daughter is due to go down to London Southbank Uni next weekend for her 1st year, does anybody have any idea what, apart from Clothing etc, she needs to take down with her? She thinks she needs to take the whole hog, kitchen sink and all, "oh i need a microwave, kettle, iron, wardrobe, chest of drawers, bedside unit,ironing board, TV, TV Unit, you name it she thinks she needs it, i think she thinks her room's gonna be the size of a football pitch and wont have it any other way, numerous times ive asked her to contact the Uni to find out but i get more sense out of talking to the walls, so please, anyone with Uni experience, please enlighten me because i cant afford to pay for a lorry to take all her gear down cause that's what i'll need if her list gets any longer, it certainly wont fit in the boot of my Golf :-), thanks in advance.


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What kind of accommodation is she in?
It would be ideal to see the digs first, but she will need her own bedding, cups and cutlery. Most digs are furnished basically, so she shouldn't want a wardrobe. If there is no wardrobe, get a get clothes rail. I find most students move from digs to digs.
Will she be staying in the LSBU Halls of Residence? There are plenty of photos online of the types of accommodation there. Should give you/her and idea of what might fit in the room.
Whether her room is in a rented house or hall of res it will be furnished.
Landlords are much more generous now than in my day. There will be a microwave and toaster, pots and pans, probably also a dishwasher and washing machine.

If in halls, a clothes airer might be useful. Apart from that just clothes, books, study materials, posters, pictures
The university will normally give you a basic checklist of what you need to bring. It will not include wardrobes! But it also may not cover niceties like a laptop, bluetooth speaker, TV, clock radio, etc.
Youngest son was a fresher last year. Surely by now she's on a whats app group with her flat mates? We thought son would have to take much more than he actually did so we phoned the company managing the accommodations. The kitchen was fully furnished with microwaves, regular ovens, but they had to supply their own plates cutlery and cooking pots/pans. Your daughter will need her own bedding, towels ect. There is usually a TV in the communal room, not that anyone watches it apparently , and depending on your accomodation WiFi is usually available.
it really will depend on the accom. When I was in digs, although there was a shared kitchen, I was anti social and preferred to have a kettle in my room (and a fridge). Whatever she needs, i'm sure there are shops in London too. Amazon do next day delivery so if she finds herself without something she'll only have to wait a day :)
Didnt she have a pre emptive visit so her actual needs could be established?

That's assuming she's in official purpose-built digs? jno jnr found himself sharing a room in an old house his university owned but that was in a more provincial establishment.
Some information above about TV licenses.
I bought most of the stuff for my son from Dunelm
If it won't fit in the boot of your Golf she is taking too much.
My son is in a shared house. His room has basic furniture but everything he needed initially. He comes back every holiday so just gets anything he didn't realise he needed.
I took both our children to Uni and back many times and their belongings always fitted into my VW Golf (admittedly with the back seat folded down!).
we used to have to take a fridge each term (and bring it back in between). But if she's in a place with shared kitchen facilities, that would presumably be included. Take lots of labels with her name on, and small explosive devices to discourage people from nicking her yoghurt.

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