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How Do I Tell My Mum I'm Not In The Care Home Anymore?

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abbeylee90 | 06:57 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | Jobs & Education
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My mum still thinks I'm in the care home instead of my current job as I still have days where I can't tell her.



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It's 06.00, Abbey, and I can't believe you are telling us this! Your Mum must know what you do by now! 

^^doubt that will last long ^^


Question Author

I didn't want to worry her

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Without scrolling through your 1001 posts, Abbey, I thought you had told her - I'm not being rude but I can't see how your Mum does not know where you work especially as your working days and hours are so different from Care Home ones.  If not your Mum then your father (who you say does not work) must know?

I'm sorry.  I'm not going to make any rude comments but just can't ignore because these hundreds of postings will do damage to this site.  I simply don't believe this poster is genuine.

I don't believe I made a rude comment, just asked a pertinent question.

Silly me 😉

Ozzy.  Sorry I wasn't referring to your comments.  I was referring to the fact that e have been told just to ignore these threads because the poster is genuine.  


Ok, I'm gullible too🤔

Send her a text.

This is ridiculous Abbey. You are in your30s. You clearly have learning difficulties and mental health issues plus ASD.ans you also lie regularly to your parents. You need help. See your parents and make an appointment with your GP.


If this is the road AB wants to travel, so be it.

What a shame😥😢😭

Well Newmodarmy, you're brave, I've just been censored for much less.

I'm just saying what she's already told us....apart from the ASD but there's no doubt about that I'm my view- classic symptoms.

She needs help.

And not from us. She can't process the answers.

And we struggle to process the questions.

Welcome to the new AB, Agony Aunt at its best.


06.32 That's what we are led to believe but I don't entirely agree as Abbey knows what she's doing - most of the time!

OK let's try to unpack this, Abbey.

Do you pretend to goto work on Thursdays and Fridays- do you leave home dressed for work and arrive back late afternoon? If so what do you do all day?

Does your mum ever ask how your day was and do you lie to her?

-- answer removed --

Abbey, remind yourself that you are a fully grown woman who is meant - at long last - to be getting her life on track. Stop wimping out of all the things you don't like, the messes you've landed yourself in. Fix your problems, stop hiding from them.

Am sorry but I agree with most of the above - I am simply baffled that this posters posts get hundreds and hundreds of comments, all of which are ignored by the poster, and then the question just repeated and repeated but in different forms, when there are many many members , like myself and all of you, posting genuine questions, loads of which get missed in the process. IF, and IF this poster is genuine then they clearly have learning difficulties and need proper help, and AB is  not a mental health help site. I just do not believe most of the posts, like this one, that her parents do not know where she work, when the hours and days are completely different!! Sorry if I sound harsh, as I am not an unkind person, but all these irrational posts are getting a bit silly now.

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How Do I Tell My Mum I'm Not In The Care Home Anymore?

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