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giggypoo | 23:47 Sat 13th Apr 2024 | Jobs & Education
15 Answers

1 Amazing eye protection, 2 person who holds onto abode, 3 Tell Tomcat to make contented sound, 4 collector of secure fastenings. Jobs or careers.



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1 supervisor

2 housekeeper 

No letter counts?

It's a 'no asking' quiz as giggypoo knows'; it's better IMO to say that then people can decide whether to help.

The threads from other posters  have given letter counts for this quiz.

You might get more answers on Q&p gigapoo. It's also helpful to give the name of the quiz, where to source a copy, closing dates, etc

I can't think of any hints except I'd expect purr to be in one of them. It'll be easier with letter counts.

Is clue 3 correct please?

The only synonym for 'tell' that gives me anything is  'grass'. Can then add 'purr' . Can only think of grass keeper but that doesn't sound like a career and I can't get Key from Tom.

Purr sounds like per

4 may end in 'keeper '


Yes lozz, got that but grass+ something for tom(cat) + per.

Grasper isn't a job and doesn't explain why clue says Tom 

Shop (tell) kee per(purr).  Or shopper?  Secret shopper?

Shopkèeper is better.

I still can't see where KEY / KEE sound comes from. HE yes but not the K

A gib is a tom cat.

Is shop gib purr close enough to shopkeeper?

Maybe the O P will tell us the letter count.

Probably needs moving to the quiz forum.

Could 4 be lockkepper? 

I really think it could,tsp

agree with lockkeeper

1 to 15 of 15rss feed

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