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Do I Call Work And Ask To Go In Tomorrow?

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abbeylee90 | 21:01 Tue 16th Apr 2024 | Jobs & Education
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I was meant to be off tomorrow and had a phone call off my hairdressers to say my hairdresser has come down with a stomach and no appointment until Monday I've secured it for now. Should I ask if I can go in tomorrow and have Monday off instead?



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No my hair is really dry and I've got things on so will have to have someone else in his salon or go elsewhere for now 

i'm not suew how getting highlights will help solve the dry hair issue?

suew how = sure how

highlights will make dry hair worse.  you have ong hair - if it meeds a cut just put it up

You can buy good D.I.Y. hair 'masques' and treatments for dry hair, Abbey. How about trying one or more of  those first?  It would save you a fortune. 

I'm longing to get  back to see my hairdresser (haven't been since Nov. because of ill health limiting me a lot) as I desperately need a cut - but you can manage, you know.

Work comes first, then you can afford a hairdresser 

Work is your priority. Paying your mum back comes next, then saving money. There are more important things than nails and fake tans.

Oh come on, stop now, it's embarrassing.

Abbey, just go to work when you're supposed to go to work.  Arrange your  personal life around it.  Your job comes first.

Question Author

I managed to get s cut for today then highlights Saturday in another salon 

Abbey, if you haven't already done it, remember to cancel Monday's appointment.

Hair style, clothes, nails and socialising are obviously more important than a regular income.

Continue to ignore the advice you ask for here Abbey. 

As to why people keep offering, I don't know.

And as to why you keep asking, I don't know.

How did you manage to make appointments during the night?


Question Author

I will cancel Mondays one.

I did online last night.

I believe you are wasting your advice and time no matter how well intentioned. It is obvious what this lady's priorities are and it's guys, hair and nails. Job wise this will continue to be a roundabout.

I've never come across the opportunity to make hair appointments on line - how does this work, Abbey, - during night-time hours?

Moorea, my wife's hairdresser has online booking. 

^^ Having just been for a hair appt., my hairdresser has told me about some salons putting up a diary online to make appts. - never knew that!  

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Do I Call Work And Ask To Go In Tomorrow?

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