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Being a careers advisor....

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iwantthatone | 23:02 Sun 23rd Jan 2005 | Jobs & Education
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How do you actually get into becoming a careers advisor? Think it'd be quite a nice job to help people, but wondered how you go about it...

Thanks =)



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If I recall you asked a question before about doing a business degree / HND??? Have you changed your mind or are you looking at different your options??

To become a careers adviser there a number of ways - A post graduate qualification QCG or a work based qualification leading to an NVQ 4 in advice and guidance. Further info look at: sionID=c7e0d6bb-5983-44d8-8c5d-30a0de377aec&DocID=41 9

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Thanks both of you.

Yes was me who asked the other question - I havn't changed my mind, I'm just spending a lot of time thinking about what I want to do, so just exploring different options! Thanks!

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Being a careers advisor....

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