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Should my boss be allowed proxy access to my emails?

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aceyoung1 | 17:15 Mon 24th Jan 2005 | Jobs & Education
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My boss has access to my emails, so she can read any email I send or receive. is this normal? is she imposeing on any of my rights as an employee?


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I'm pretty sure she has every right to read any emails to or from your work email - I guess the theory being that you should only be doing work stuff at work.  She doesn't have any right to read private emails on a private account (eg if you had a hotmail account) although the company may have rules that you're not allowed to access a private account in work hours or from works computer.  I keep them seperate so that my personal emails are not accessable from the network. xx
As long as they have told you they have access then they are entitled to.

They couldn't not tell you, then get you into trouble for sending something like a job application. But if they've been clear that they have access then and what the rules of internet / email use are and you knowingly break them by sending personaly / dodgy emails then you haven't got a leg to stand on.
I would be surprised if she actually routinely reads any of your emails. I would imagine the facility is there in order to prevent nil responses during absences more than to snoop. Do you have anything to hide?

Some companies monitor email and internet usage extremely carefully. For example, one large insurance company picks a day at random each month and prints off and reads a copy of every email coming into and going out of the company. Other companies use email filtering.

The first step for a company is to set up an email and internet policy. The law does not require an employer to formulate an email/internet policy but it is the sensible option. It should make very clear what is and what is not permissible. And also make clear what monitoring will take place - so no-one can say they were not warned.

The employer provides you with a work email address for the purposes of work and the company, they have told you that they have a monitoring policy (proxy) and this is acting in the interests of the comapny confidentiality - the contents of an email are covered by the same laws as the contents of a letter - therefore you have been warned so be careful.

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Should my boss be allowed proxy access to my emails?

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