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Are Diy Wills Safe?

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Pegasus16 | 12:32 Sat 25th May 2024 | Civil
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I am looking to produce a will, which I consider a simple one, are DIY wills safe or should I use a solicitor at approx £400?





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Shouldn't cost you that much.

Depending how simple it is and how good the instructions are a DIY one may be fine, but it'll have more chance of a misunderstanding and misinterpretation than wording suggested by a legal expert. Your choice, your risk.

I hear that some charities offer a free will, but of course they hope you will leave them something.

I did mine with a solicitor - there's a "free wills week" usually in the Autumn. They do request a donation to a charity - I gave £90 I think.

Once you have an "official" will it should be easy enough to rewrite a DIY version with similar legalspeak if you need to make changes. 

Of course if you use a solicitor (they usually retain the original will & give you a copy) it means they have a "foot in the door" when it comes to dealing with the executors / probate / etc. after you die.

I've seen a lot of ads for wills being 'expertly' written and legally binding for as little as £19.99.

The only one  whose name i recall is 'Legacy Wills'.

If it really is straightforward with all bequests 'absolute' (I leave my house to Richard absolutely) and not conditional ((I leave my house to Richard if his children are under 21) then it should be safe.

Just make sure it is dated and you sign it in front of two witnesses who are not beneficiaries (nor their spouse).

There are plenty of templates you can use guides.

Farewill has good reviews and is well respected - complete it online for £90 plus £10 pa to maintain access and amendments. 

Or if you are consider leaving a sun to a charity check whether they offer a free will writing service to supporters. Many do.

Sum not sun! It doesn't have to be substantial.

Check out what Which say. They have a free template

Will writers aren't regulated and anyone can set themselves up as a 'professional will writer'. If you do go down that route check out the company first.  There are professional bodies they can register with.

I  am mystic meg - and I can see the will you are yet to write.....

yes yes I can see the main beneficiary is Peter Pedant - very good choice if I might say so.

Simple will should be under £100 still

if you use a solicitor (they usually retain the original will & give you a copy) it means they have a "foot in the door"

davebro is wrong - this is NOT a reason to by pass a solicitor - just DON'T appoint them as executor ( as the others cant unappoint him AND he can charge when you die - normal non legal  executors cant (charge))

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Hi people thank you for your replies.


'Depending how simple it is and how good the instructions are'


My instruction would be -


Eveything left to my daughter,

if not, everything left to my granddaughter,

if some happened to both of them-

then all left to my niece.

The Lawpack ones are OK (if you can still get them).  My Mum did one of those and when she died and everything went to a Solicitor for probate there were no problems at all.

Question Author

*if something happened*

Question Author

Cheers 237SJ, will have a look, thanks.

//davebro is wrong - this is NOT a reason to by pass a solicitor//

I didn't SAY it was a reason to bypass a solicitor just that your executors will necessarily be in contact with that solicitor and may feel obliged / pressured to use their services in the execution of the will when they might not otherwise have done so.


Question Author

Thanks every one, will look at all the suggestions ta.

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