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Brought a used car but had no car for the money.

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debbiekrey2010 | 16:36 Sat 11th Dec 2010 | Civil
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Hello thanks for reading and if you can help or give any advice on my issue that would be superb.

I brought a Suzuki Vitara first week of november for £400.00 cash from a trusted friend. We test drove the car and because he has his own repair garage he said the car was 100% fine. We saw it had tax untill feb 2011 and also he had mentioned it had a long Mot till later on into 2011.

We went and paid for the car the next day on a friday afternoon, took the car away to out home address but couldnt use it till we had the logbook and paper parts which he said he had to get from someone.

Two weeks later after keeping on at him about the papers, we then saw that the mot was due to run out within the week not next year.

We complained in a nice way said can we have our money back its still within a couple of weeks he said No.

He offered to sort the mot and parts out if needed it so we agreed and took the car back to him, its now 6 weeks later from that and still have not seen any part of the car we had paid for.

We kept ringing him throughout the 6 weeks and all he kept saying was he was waiting for parts. Now we rung Thrus just out of pot of luck, and he said he couldnt mot the car the engine has leaked oil really bad where it had been sitting in his yard. And we would just have to wait.

Where do we stand here? because we have trusted him and gave him money for a car we have not had. Thanks


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how does the saying go, with friends like that. it seems to me that you have been more than reasonable, you say you have no paperwork,hopefully you have a receipt for the £400 you gave him, if he is a motor trader you could report him to trading standards, alternatively write to him, saying that unless you receive a full refund within 7 days, you will issue a sumons at the county court. this is easy it costs around 10 percent of the amount claimed, but if the claim is found in your favour he has to pay your costs. good luck it sounds daunting but it realy is simple dont let him get away with it

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Brought a used car but had no car for the money.

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