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tiacoco | 21:04 Sun 03rd Apr 2011 | Law
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I can someone clear up this for me regarding the law on cybersex.
I overheard my 27 year old son say he was having cybersex online with a 16 year old girl from america via a webcam chat site.

Is this legal and if not who would police this as he is in uk she is in usa.
Age of consent is 16 in uk for sexual consent if i can remember right.
So does cybersex fall under this.Any advice would be most helpfull.
As i cant find any clear answers to see if they can continue this online or do i need to have a word.
I dont want to say anything if i dont have to what he does is his on bussiness as long as he isnt breaking the law.


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Not sure about the law at 16 but is he SURE she's 16???????
who was he speaking to?
and he's 27! If both were older fair enough, but come on, this is bordering on pedo. It varies. And they're not having actual sex so not sure if it counts. You would be better off asking an american site I think.
Question Author
Thanks for pointing out my mistake he is 17 not 27 as stated in first question
There's no real 'sex' involved in this scenario.
However, if there is a Statute against 'persuading a minor to engage in sexual acts', etc.....he may well fall foul of that.....and those sorts of things vary age-wise from state to state, too.

Advise him to get his jollies with someone a little closer to him...........not just age-wise, proximity may be an advantage.
which State - a lot of states are 18 on this
who................ was he talking to, when you overheard him say he was having cybersex?
Could he be accused of grooming?

That is illegal
Oh, God probably.....
which State - a lot of states are 18 on this

^^^ Gosh... I'm sure glad people noticed my link!
I'd just feel sorry for the sad little man!
I suspect a WUM
Poor-Alfie: Ditto
Member Since: 20:45 Sun 03rd Apr 2011
tiacoco- bless him, leave the poor lad alone, im sure he'll be mortified if he knew you' overheard him.

Even if it might be against US laws, i genuinely can't see anyone following this up, even if they even got wind of it in the first place.
No I did not, China, just shows you how significant this was
I agree mark - a load of Payday Loans--le rotary
-- answer removed --

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