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Copyright Law

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Garmard | 12:36 Wed 29th Jun 2011 | Law
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Being a first time writer, i wonder if any of you A B'er's will know this little headbanger.
if you are writing e.g...Say a character is driving a Ford Anglia in your story; Is stating the car is a "Ford Anglia" breaking copyright law? Would i need to aquire permission if i wanted to include that car because of it being A Ford??


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No. Don't worry about it.
Question Author
Thankyou Ed... and may i add, that if my story does get published can i credit the A'B'er's and AB for valuable time used?
I'm not a copyright lawyer, but it seems to me that you might be worrying unnecessarily about details. The Ford motor company, if they bothered at all, would surely be pleased to get a mention. After all, if your character drives his car along Marylebone High Street, I don't think that the local authority would want a fee from you just for mentioning a road name. You can rest easy on this one, I think.
Question Author
Thankyou bookbinder.
Glad I could help.
We'd love it Garmard.

Have you got a deal lined up? Or are you thinking self-published E-book?

If it is the latter a friend of mine gathers a small trickle of income through an e-book he wrote and published through - although you may want an editor before the end if you're heading down this route.

Let us know how you get on.

All the best,

Spare Ed
PS. Good planning tool for writing narratives: Scrivener. The beta is free on windows at the moment.

Good "force you to write" tool: Write or die, worth the £8 (or similar) they charge for the desktop version too. Although the online one is entirely free.

Question Author
The Harper Collins website Authonomy Ed. With a bit of luck, paperback and hardcover if an agent snaps me up!
dont for to pay congestion charge
But if the Ford Anglia was constantly breaking down in this story, (believe me they did break down a lot) could he be dragged over the coals for giving Ford a bad name?
Question Author
It was beaten but not broke RATTER...LOL!
What model Ford Anglia, 'sit up and beg', 100E, 105E?
Question Author
105E twix.
Or as my mate used to say (the same one who reckoned Princess Di was killed by MFI when he meant MI5) a Ford Angular.....
To answer all of the OTHER questions which you might want to ask in the future . . .

as a film maker, we have tp acquire permission to picture or mention branded products...sometimes you have to pay.

most give permission and are happy to have a bit of publicity ...but...if your subject is a taboo one you may find they could have a case to have it removed...

we used a brand of whiskey in a scene where the character tried to kill himself, and the company refused outright to allow it...

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