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Hmrc New Employee Security Vetting

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worriedfather | 18:00 Sat 09th Aug 2014 | Law
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I have been offered a role with the HMRC and need to complete a Criminal Record Declaration form. The HMRC rare exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders ACT and therefore all convictions will be seen. The Declaratrion question states:

'Have you ever been convicted or found guilty by a Court of any offence or have you ever been put on probation or absolutely/conditionally discharged or bound over after being charged with any offence. This includes all Spent and Unspent convictions'

My question is 3 fold.

1. Back in 1982 I accidentally broke the back windscreen of a police car and was arrested. (This was an accident and nothing malicious). I went to court where I admitted I broke the window and the outcome was that I had to pay the full repair costs. I do not recall being Charged or Cautioned, but by the fact I went to Court, would this mean I was Charged with an Offence or Cautioned? Would I have a Criminal Record?

2. Taking into account the above Declaration question, do I need to declare this?

3. Would something as far back as 1982 be on my record? Bearing in mind there was no PNC database and between 2000 and 2005 all old records were 'weeded' and should have been deleted.

Many Thanks


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The court thing is way out of my expertise but from what you've said you must have been charged with something or you wouldn't have had to go to court. It lists being absolutely discharged as an option so from that I'd presume you should answer yes.

I also have to complete security vetting within the public sector, probably the same questions/form you're using. We have always been advised that it's your honesty/integrity that is valued, better to list it rather than not and they find out while they do the check because that, rather than what you did, may count against you.
If you say that you have no criminal record and the HMRC later discover this ancient incident they will see that you have lied and are, therefore, not trustworthy.

Good luck
Just tell them about it. It is unlikely to jeopardise your application but, as has been said, if you do not declare it and it is subsequently discovered that almost certainly will.
Question Author
Thank you all for your advise.

I do feel this incident won't go against me, but as you say, if I don't declare it and it is later identified then I wouldn't be in a good place.
I wonder how old you were ..... aren't offences committed before a certain age not in the more public domain and therefore wouldn't show up on a CRB check?? Having said that you should declare it as if you don't you may be considered dishonest

Question Author
I'm now 54 so I was 22 at the time.... I am not the person I was then.
Mally. The "public domain" comment you make doesn't come into it.
The PNC is one of the databases used for these checks and the database doesn't have the information deleted routinely just because a conviction is regarded as spent. None of the PNC data is public domain info.
yes it may ( come up )
we interviewed someone and a shoplifting charge that we knew about came up from god knws when .....

so 'fess up
you need an enhanced CRB check ( or whatever it is called now) this can show anything even an arrest and release without charge from when you were 16 so yes you do need to declare it.
As said it probably will not count but not declaring it will show you are dishonest and rule you out.
Hi, I would not disclose it due to you not being charged, plus it was over 30 years ago. The arrest will be on your record forever, but will state you were not charged. I am applying for a role at HMRC and need a contact or 2 who work there. If you, or if you know anyone who, would be interested in being my contact to add weight to my application, please email
[email protected]. Thanks.

//I am applying for a role at HMRC and need a contact or 2 who work there. //

1. HMRC is public sector. As such they have to be seen to be above suspicion of people getting recruited through who they know. Equal Opportunities employers and all that.

2. You've posted your email on a public forum. Hope that's a spamtrap address and decidedly NOT the email you quote on your application form…

You might want AB Editor to delete that post for you (?)

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