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Debate In The Pub.... What Happens Here

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DTCwordfan | 20:53 Wed 20th Jan 2016 | Law
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A couple get married - male female......the male is a transsexual encouraged by his missus. He has the surgery and becomes a 'woman' - as far as he can and changes passport, driving licence, tax etc - what happens to the validity of the marriage?

Is it annulled or still in force? If annulled, can they go into a civil partnership or homosexual marriage? £5 note riding on this one!


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oh I dont do any fambly law
and I find hard conundrums from down the pub like this
less than fascinating
grounds for annulment jere

they would have to get divorceed

I think DTC you and your drinking pals have confused getting married and being married

and you are in good com[pany
Princess Di not a good reader in her own admission
thought that the act of succession said taht the Prince of Wales that should be her hubby shall not be married to an RC

but in fact it said shall not MARRY and RC

so she went off to Cardinal Hume to get innstruction for conversion to the Bishop of Rome and all his tenets

Humewas waiting for her and said that although st peter;'s see was a church of sinner they still werent ready for the like of Di

and so
Murraymints - you Can change your birth certificate. I know someone in exactly that position who one day came into the pub gloating, saying "look what I've got !" - waving a bit of paper which turned out to be a birth certificate. It said that on a certain date a girl was born - when in fact it was a boy who was born, and later castrated. The wife in the case couldn't accept his alterations ( how many wives could !!! ) and started divorce proceedings.
I still think you can only have one gender at a time
and that the marriage was contracted when one was a boy and one a girl so is valid until intervention by either party
A marriage is a marriage regardless of gender. I see no reason for gender to be relevant really.
Gender cannot be changed by surgery.

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Debate In The Pub.... What Happens Here

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