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Should I Be Worried?

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Charlie_Biscuits | 08:26 Tue 29th Jan 2019 | Law
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This is more of a cry for help then a simple question. I’ve been asking my friends and family about this for a while yet nothing has come up so I’ve come to different communities to see if any one shares my experience or has any input on the whole situation. I’m new here so if this ends up posted in the wrong place or page please forgive me and bare with me as updates may be slow.

I’ve lived in my house for around 6 months now since I got out of university and moved out from my parents place. Everything is fine with the house itself and it’s honestly a beautiful place. The problems started around 1 months ago when I found a small blank piece of paper in the holes of my front screen door. There were no words on it, and no lines were there either. Just plain sketching paper. Of course I brushed this off and made my way to work in the morning. About 2-4 days later the same thing occurred and from what I remember it had been placed in the exact same place as the other had been. My neighbourhood is a very clean one so finding an odd piece of trash near your door is not something that is common.

Other then being a little paranoid I once again brushed it off. After another about 3 days another paper was resting in the same spot, yet this one was blood red, still bare, just a plain bold red colour. Now me being a young 23 year old girl, I was getting rather worried. I understand that it is a very minor thing but it was just really confusing. So, after another red card appear I went to the extent of putting in a security camera in my front lawn. When 2-4 days pasted I checked the feed and the weirdest thing I noticed through this time was a normal looking vehicle approach my house at around 2 in the morning before leaving in what looked like a hurry. I know this is not any sustainable evidence but I’m just worried. No more strange notes have turned up since though the car had returned two more times, slowing down as it passed my house.

Should I contact the authorities or am I just over reacting. Any advice is appreciated.


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May be the equivalent of the US door bell licker. Did your camera pick up the car reg? Probably not
08:33 Tue 29th Jan 2019
I'd report to the police..may be nowt, but let them know
May be the equivalent of the US door bell licker.
Did your camera pick up the car reg? Probably not
Maybe the last owner had an arrangement with someone who signals their request for something with the paper; and don't know that they've moved on. If your camera is picking up the vehicle then it might be worth reporting. But most likely nothing to get stressed over. Vehicle and paper may be unconnected anyway. Once you have a concern it's easy to tie together unrelated things trying to find an explanation.
I cant work out if you have CCTV or not
if no - then get one
Once you have pictures you can act

saying you are being freaked out is different to having pictures of someone doing things that freak you out

From the OP

// I went to the extent of putting in a security camera in my front
lawn //
Certainly can't hurt reporting it, at last them there's a record of something already reported if it escalates x
The OP hasn'ts aid whether the cameras have actually picked up any footage of anyone posting these notes (I'm not sure what a front screen door is)- only of a car driving up and away
Thanks Baldric. I can see now what Charlie means now by the notes being stuck in the holes. I wonder if birds are doing it or nearby children do it

I would guess Charlie is in the US of A.
This all sounds like an opening to a horror film. I would be very unnerved by such occurrences and suggest that you ring 911.
Do any of your neighbours across the street have any CCTV which might pick up anything that you can't see on your's? No harm in having a word with the local police. They might have more information, things which could relate to former tenants maybe or other instances which might suggest a reason for it. I'd keep everything, take photos etc... Quite possibly a very simple explanation but at least you have a record should it need reporting officially.
I would contact the authorities just to make them clear of the situation in the neighbourhood. If worst comes to worse at least you've got a record of a report.
I agree FF
from the post
the CCTV doesnt show anyone posting anything xc a car driving up and down
I think she has to wait until the CCTV picks up anything - that is the CCTV backs up what she is saying

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