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Electrical Checks In A Privately Rented Home

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patrickstar | 09:36 Fri 16th Apr 2021 | Law
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I am currently in a privately rented home ahead of moving into my next property. I work from this home and my partner is classified as vulnerable. The landlord (who is very good) is asking to have the Electrical Inspection Check to be carried out which is a new law. As explained to them, that whilst we are unable to have our children visit us, we are expected this tradesperson to have access to the whole home for up to 4 hours and for my work to be interrupted.
We have always allowed what ever checks required to take place at any time but during the ongoing pandemic this request to have these checks to take place in every single room, at our inconvenience and risk, is felt not acceptable. This has been explained to them, and this was first accepted, but now we are receiving repeated requests. The answer we provide is still no, not until such time the restrictions allow our own family to be in the home for at least equal time.....and I trust my family regarding their health more than a stranger.
From what I understand is that the landlord can ask, we can say no, and this correspondence is acceptable in protecting the landlord legally for delaying the requirement for the check. We hope to out of this rented home (which was a new build 10 years ago and is immaculate still as opposed to some older homes) within 4 months and we don't wish to be, nor have ever been, obstructive but this seems to be a request that puts us at risk and/or at maximum inconvenience.
Where do we stand and what can we state to the landlord as my partner is fed up of receiving these weekly messages. Thank you.


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We are having to have it done in our block of flats and we don't have the choice.
How would you feel if your boiler blew up or you washing machine broke down? Would you not allow the tradesperson to come in? I think you are being unnecessarily unreasonable considering it is the Landlord who will be prosecuted should there be an electrical fault which causes injury or death to you while you are in the house. The check will not take 4 hours. Book a time slot and vacate the house for a couple of hours while the Electrician is there. I really think you are making a mountain out of a molehill.
Aunt Polly goes all precious! :o)
Barry this is different it is the Law I believe. I think Patrick is talking about the Fire Risk Assessment and External Wall Survey and it is Government legislation.
If this is not what he's talking about then ignore because it might be just for flats.
Whatever Patrick I think you should allow it as it could save your lives and all will be dressed appropriately.
Precious? What ARE you on about lol!
Suck it up and get it done. You are but one link in a big chain.
Trying to bring Covid into it to stop what you dont want to happen.

Had Tennants like you, awkward to the last but first to moan when something goes wrong.

//which was a new build 10 years ago and is immaculate still as opposed to some older homes//

That is totally and utterly irrelevant.
I agree with APG and what with vaccines and drop in cases I think you are being unbelievably over cautious. When you move out your partner is going to come into contact with new environments anyway. It won't take that long, they will wear a mask and you can move your partner to a safe distance. As to interrupting your work, take half a day off or whatever like those who actually work away from the house have to do when they need to be home for a delivery or tradesperson etc.
Question Author
What a miserable bunch of old duffers some of you are. I asked for advice not your personal insults and dumb keyboard warrior responses. Thank you to those who had the decency to provide me with solid advice.
This is the first time with Answerbank I have received such responses but may be this is to do more with lockdown boredom and pettiness.
Hey ho, it just goes to show you can walk across a park many times before that one occasion when you step in some crap that the few idiots decide not to pick up.
ladybirder, the OP mentions the Electrical Inspection Check which the link refers to: "Some private landlords will also need to arrange access for electrical safety checks before 1 April 2021."
I agree it is the law. The link also states: "You should allow access to your home so your landlord can meet their legal responsibilities.

Your landlord must:

fix things that you have reported

arrange gas or electrical safety checks"
Can't see any personal insults?
Seems to be a few people on here who are professional lemon suckers and have the personalities of Dementors. A question was asked and, in a few cases, sarcastic sour grape replies were given. This is AnswerBank, not Facebook. If you cannot provide a polite and reasonable answer move on by or get a life.
Patrickstar: I suggest you speak to the letting agency (if one was used) or the Citizens Advice Bureau. Your request is not an unbalanced one but you need to be armed with the facts as does the Landlord. Good luck.
Over cautious I am. Having friends die with Covid , along with not being able to see family in the home either, makes you that way.
Well all of that said maybe my Landlord reads Answerbank too. He has just called me and has agreed that the law states providing the two parties have spoken and there is a documented reason for refusal then there is no problem. He will arrange the work to be carried out when restrictions in the home are lifted and/or our new home is ready. Everybody is now happy.....well, seemingly there are some out there that seem a little too cocksure of themselves or generally bored.
Again, thank you to all those who provided sound advice or balanced responses. Truly appreciated.
Are you in exactly the same situation as patrickstar then gadgeteek? I also can't see anyone being rude, lemon suckers or bored keyboard warriors. A question was asked and different opinions were given, as one would expect. When restrictions are lifted, possibly next month do you feel that will mark a miraculous reduction in risk?
Hmmm. GG gone Inactive Prudie.
I think they are required by law
and a defence for the landlord is NOT - the tenants are whining

co operate - it is in fact for your safety

Fabulous coincidence that patrick's landlord is a member of AB and read and reacted to his post so quickly. Will he announce himself?
How sad, having to make up a User to agree with yourself lol!

Also agree with APG.

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Electrical Checks In A Privately Rented Home

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