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Paying Children To Do Odd Jobs. Dbs Check?

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barry1010 | 09:43 Mon 14th Mar 2022 | Law
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A 14 year old boy in one of my local FB groups is trying to earn money doing odd jobs - good for him, I have a few jobs he could do.
I don't know this boy or his family. Would I have to be DBS checked? I know I would if I was working with children (paid and voluntary)/


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You may be over-thinking things, Barry. Just a young lad earning a few quid.
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I've just reemembered I asked the same question a couple of years ago. I decided then to only employ adults but this is a slightly different scenario
You can’t officially employ a 14 yr old to do odd jobs, having a DBS check makes no difference to the appropriateness.

Ask his parent to come with him and give the kid a few bob, but don’t expect too much or for it to be anything other than you giving him some pocket money.
Children can work at 14 but may need permission from the local authority. It may be preferable to have an informal arrangement with the parent
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That's odd, Maydup, because in England you can pay a 14 year old to babysit.
Personally, I would stear clear or take Maydups advice. Times have changed from when Bob a job was acceptable.
I appreciate this is different but if you remember the Scout & Guide Associations 'bob a job' week where money was given for odd jobs done by them for their groups as a way of earning some funds, this was stopped due to possible paedophile offences being committed. I do not know if it was ever re-instated.
As suggested one of his parents ought to be asked to be present while he carries out the small jobs. It is a shame that we all have to be aware of todays society.
I looked into this a few years ago. My concern was about insurance and liability while the youngsters were working on my premises. Decided against it in the end.
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Thanks all, I've decided against it, too.
I remember when the DBS (CRB) came in for all those working with children in 2002, I think - we lost a lot of volunteers. 16 year old volunteers had to have a CRB if they were working with under 18s.
I have a DBS check for a volunteering roll I do but unless knew the family well, I wouldn’t have the lad doing odd jobs on his own. Shame though.
personally i would employ a professional chimney sweep
I would ask him for his parents phone number, ask them if it would be alright before going ahead with the job.

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Paying Children To Do Odd Jobs. Dbs Check?

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