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kanwal3017 | 18:59 Thu 09th Jun 2022 | Law
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My parents had a will. But recently my mother passed away. Will my father have to make a new will as both their names were on the old will?


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They should have separate wills, even if one was a 'mirror' of the other. Your father's will remains valid after the death of your mother, although he might want to review it now.

I've never heard of a SINGLE document being used as a will by two people and it seems extremely unlikely to me that such a document exists. (I was once the MD of a will-drafting firm, so I've studied the subject quite a lot over the years). I feel sure that your father will have his own will which, as I've said, continues to remain completely valid.
This would be very unusual for two people to have signed one Will, but not impossible. I think your dad ought to look at HIS will and see what it says. He then ought to take advice as to what to do.

My feeling is that it is likely they are mirror image and take account of this eventuality, but best check.
I am sorry to hear of your loss
no they dont have to
but it would be wise - now that the circs have changed.

that is the bits where your father left things to your mother - once transfers and gifts and so on are done
now should be redirected - so it is wise to do a second will

(just in case someone in passing wonders what is going on: some jurisdictions incredibly allow two people to write one will)

Hi Barmaid
yes you mentioned this the other er year

Louisiana does as well....

Kanwakl - listen to the lady - she KNOWS

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