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Setting Up A Trust Fund For Adult Son

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Karamia | 20:14 Sun 13th Nov 2022 | Law
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Is there any way to set up a fund following my death for my autistic adult son so that (apart from leaving house to him alone so he has roof over head with no mortgage) he is only given lump sum at a rate for example of £1000 a month. Just so he won't spend all in a few minths/years but will actually have enough to pay bills and eat each month?


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yes through a trust fund....with appointed trustees able to adjust the sum for inflation and if he had any unforeseen expenses, like health or care, that needed covering. Have a word with a local lawyer.....
Yes. Google will bring up some providers, or see a solicitor.
I'd suggest a disabled person's trust with trustees appointed so that they can advance money to him as the need arises. I think you ought to see a solicitor specialising in wills - preferably a member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners).

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Setting Up A Trust Fund For Adult Son

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