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Can A Neighbour Block Cul De Sac From 8Am To 5Pm 5 Days

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bessywilton | 15:14 Wed 29th Nov 2023 | Law
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can a neighbour block cul de sac from 8am to 5pm 5 days, there is 15 residents and will be no access to drives or parking at all whild having a crane put on a new roof.  Small village with very limited parking.



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5 days? Is he roofing the whole village?

I guess you'll all need to pull together in a flexible, neighbourly way.

I don't know what the law says but it pays to be tolerant in these circumstances as you never know when/if you or any of the other residents might need to do something which may block the road too.

We live in a cul de sac and have all been inconvenienced by various works going on at the houses here, but that's all it is, a bit of inconvenience for a short time.

You have to get permission from Highways before closing a public road.

Highways will understand the reason which is valid.  But they must be informed by the owners of the property and have written permission.  

'You'll need to get permission from your local council to close a road. Some local councils will lend you signs and cones, or you can hire or buy signs. The Street Party site gives advice on road closures. Make sure that the emergency services can still get down the street if they need to'

That was for street parties, I copies the wrong thing.   But it applies to other reasons.

I would give the highways dept at your council and have a chat with them.  Perhaps your neighbour has got  permission.  Usually though a notice would go up.

yes but as above they have to apply for a temporary traffic regulation order - in my area it's at least 10 weeks in advance (and you have to pay a couple of grand)

CL is right in terms of a public highway.  However, it is possible that your cul-de-sac has never been adopted by the highways department.  I am really not sure of the legal position on that.

Do as CL says and check with your local Highways Department - although any sensible contractor will ensure that the appropriate permissions are in place before they go about blocking a road.  I also doubt it will be consistently closed between 8 and 5 - although  that is what any temporary closure order will say.

As irritating and inconvenient as it may be, do you really want to start a fight with your neighbour?  These things have a nasty habit of escalating beyond 5 days' inconvenience into something that ends up going on for years with no resolution. These sort of disputes can then end up impacting on the saleability of properties since certain disagreements may have to be disclosed on sale.

You could get together with the other residents and make a friendly approach  to the neighbour to have discussions with the contractor to try and mitigate the inconvenience.

I meant give Highways a ring!

I live in a cul de sac and we have had road closures a couple of times for householders to carry out essential works, and when the council/utilities have been digging up the road. 
We always get written notice and the relevant signs put in place.  It's inconvenient but part of living in a cul de sac

if you get caught closing a road without getting the necessary licence, the fine this attracts is a good deal less than the cost of the licence. consequently few bother, and just pay up in the unlikely event they get caught.

I remember a Lucy Worsley investigation where she concluded that RIII did have them killed.

what - for blocking ye kings highway?

seems rather  - - - drastic even for those days

Ha ha PP.  Methinks that James posted in the wrong place (which I do freqently)  but I was puzzled was a few moments!!

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Can A Neighbour Block Cul De Sac From 8Am To 5Pm 5 Days

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