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Cannabis Smell

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JBW1366 | 16:10 Thu 21st Dec 2023 | Law
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I have lived in my erraced for 5 years, but my neighbour was recently placed into a nursing home, his daughter sold his house and someone brought it, modernised it and rented out. The new tenants are a mother and 2 x teenage daughters. Non of them work - but that is not the problem and not my business. But, what is my problem is that from morning to night the smell of cannibis or whatever is over powering.. I work from home and when I have my windows open i feel quite odd, and want to be sick. Friends have been round and trademens and they must think its us as the smell lingers. They are not particulary friendly and I feel I can't approch them - and I do not know the owner - does anyone have any suggestions as its making life at home horrible - I know some would like it / embrace it but I / we hate it.

I don't wnt problems with neighbours and we can't afford or want to move we have done so much work and love our house. Please help.



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It is illegal to smoke cannabis even in your own home - so report them if it is affecting you that much.

I agree with Red - if it's really objectionable, grass them up (pun intended)

I'd report it to the police. They may be growing as well as using.

It could well be a house where they are growing cannibis, maybe a call is in order. The police won't come to your house, what they may do is keep an eye on the place if they think it is worth raiding in the near future.

They also have some tidy equipment now to detect such grows without you or them realising. Its a drone, that flys over the property to detect any heat source in the loft area.

I just found this. It's not illegal to smoke canabis in your own home or garden but you can report to the police as a nuisance if the smell is overpowering. 

Lottie - it is illegal to smoke cannabis - as its an illegal substance

That article says it is not a statutory nuisance (a civil offence rather than a criminal offence) to smoke in your home or garden.  It should be reported to the police as possession of cannabis as that is illegal with a five year maximum sentence.  The police won't be interested in the fact that it is a nuisance to you.


I know it's OK to smoke it in your own home.  We have friends who do, but they have no near neighbours.  

To be honest I love the smell, but have never used canabis .

I wouldn't report them I would just go round and explain politely  how  much it effects you.  If they carry on causing a  nuiscance  I would tell them you may be contacting the police.  So give them a chance.

Are other  neighbours complaining?


15.47 That advice could be dangerous. Just report it and leave it to the police to sort, they should not possess such drugs

Just because your friends do, it doesn't mean it's 'okay' to

"Is it legal for people to smoke cannabis if it’s in their own home? Simply, no. Cannabis, marijuana or weed is classified as a Class B drug, putting it in the same category as ketamine and amphetamine. Just because someone is using the drug within their own premises doesn’t make it legal. The pungent, slightly floral smell of someone smoking cannabis is often hard to disguise and most people won’t want the stench creeping over into their gardens or homes."

Is it legal for people to smoke cannabis if it's in their own home? Simply, no. Cannabis, marijuana or weed is classified as a Class B drug, putting it in the same category as ketamine and amphetamine. Just because someone is using the drug within their own premises doesn't make it legal.


from the met police

The article is by 'The Gt Yarmouth Council' - who he?

If they are growing it, they may be selling it, then the police would be really interested (up to 14 years in the slammer!).

You can report it anonymously, from a payphone if you wish as they do in the movies. 😉


I admit I was wrong.  Thanks for putting me right.  I suppose if I lived in an urban environment I might think differently, but unless it affected others, I would never report anyone for using canabis their own home. 

Did you not do anything after you posted the same question in September this year?

15.56. There is no need to report it anonymously, in fact you may even get quicker action, when they know that you live next door to where you are reporting the problem.

The police won't be (seen) to involve you, because they know what danger they might put you in, use your own phone so they can contact you if they wish, that way they will know your not just havinng them on and wasting their time.

16.07 Maybe a little scared to do anything, that is understandable is it not. But in time it can get to you.

Barry, our friends are also our neighbours 1/4 mile away.  They have police among their friends!! For 40 years everyone around  here known they use Canabis.  Probably others around that do too.  Personally I don't see harm in it. 

CL //Personally I don't see harm in it. //

Nobody hooked on heroin didn't set out on that path by smoking dope.

16.17 I don't see harm in it. That dependes where the drug taker is getting their money from to buy it in the first place. Normally most robberies of goods, house robberies happen because someone needs a fix, and they don't have the money for that fix, so we will hit that chappie on the head and nick his phone and sell it on. That chappie ends up in A&E

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