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Defence Barrister Never Attended Court

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AmyJ123 | 16:02 Mon 26th Feb 2024 | Law
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I am a witness to give evidence in court.  We arrived on the day to be told not long after. The defence barrister did not show and now court has been moved to a different date. 

My ex has been stalking me for many years. I have had to relocate change mobile numbers and on top of that it's affected me mentally. 




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It's hard to know how to respond to your post, as there's not actually a question within it.

Just like anyone else, barristers can fall ill, have their cars break down or get stuck on delayed trains.  Further, it's quite common for them not to be able to appear in one court because they're still involved in an over-running case in another one.  Any defendant, whether innocent or guilty, is entitled to be legally represented in court, so the judge will have had no alternative other than to move the hearing to another date.

You might find a support service among those listed here:

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Basically they said the barrister never turned up due to being Ill. 

The case is in regards to stalking and intent to harm.

He has been making up allegations I have been contacting him and sending him explicit pictures, as a way to defend him self. 

I gave all my evidence to the police recordings, police statements ect. They said it's enough. However now today when attending court I just feel like I'm getting messed around. 

Amyj123, although your experience was disappointing - and indeed unsettling - it's a fairly common event for things to be moved, rescheduled, for all sorts of reasons.

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Defence Barrister Never Attended Court

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