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Seletive Licencing?

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piggynose | 15:17 Tue 23rd Apr 2024 | Law
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Is anybody familiar with this?  It look a new charge forced upon me being a home owner!



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* selective

>>> "It look a new charge forced upon me being a home owner"

I'm confused!  Selective licensing only applies to certain property landlords, rather than to home owners.


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chris, it seems that i´m one of those landlords!

Bad luck :(

It's a charge on landlords within a designated area so it's not as if you've been singled out, is it?

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The word on the streets is, Birmingham city council are brassic, so this is one of the ways they´re using to claw back some of their debt!!

"Local residents, landlords, tenants, and any other person likely to be affected by the selective licensing designation, must be consulted prior to the introduction of a licensing scheme"


Were you?

doan ask us, ask  the council that governs you

and then you find out  what they want, you do it and pass the cost onto the tenant

No point on asking anything, councils do what they want  demand what they want, from whomever they want, and since government makes the rules, without reference to morality or ethics or simply being reasonable to those they are meant to serve; you, as a citizen  have no say. Yours is not to reason why, yours is to act as an abused cash cow, and like or lump it, as you choose.

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Seletive Licencing?

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