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Severed tenancy and bankruptcy

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aldous | 20:16 Wed 24th Jan 2007 | Law
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I am already divorced but my ex-husband and I are only now in the process of dividing our only asset. He has run up large credit card debts on credit cards only in his name and only after we separated. Can he make me liable for the portion accrued after separation but before actual divorce? Can he make me liable for the portion accrued after we divorced?
If he declared himself bankrupt before a court made an order in relation to financial settlement can his creditors touch my half of the property? I had the tenancy severed some time ago.


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Once the joint tenancy was severed, and a restriction placed on the Proprietorship Register of the property, your interest in the property is safe.

The outcome of the full financial settlement however will depend on the full circumstances. Under normal circumstances I can see no reason why unsecured personal debts incurred after separation should be shared, but you need to consult a solicitor.

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Severed tenancy and bankruptcy

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