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danchip | 15:35 Thu 08th Nov 2007 | Law
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im not sure this is in the right category

is there anyway I can legally stop my neighbours parking on the street outside my house

it is a public high way but they park with their cars encroaching over my driveway and make it hard for me to drive on and off

have tried the asking them in person and through the council who dont seem interested and neither have worked and i have also considered phoning the police but as the main culprit is a local police sergeant i'm a bit dubious about doing this


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As far as I'm aware, no, the street is public and they can park on it so long as there are no restrictions in place
Just because he is a police sergeant doesn't give him the right to block your drive.He can park anywhere in street but if your drive is blocked by all means phone the police .Have you got a dropped kerb to your drive.Just make sure you are all legal with your car in case he gets his own back .
interesting discussion thread here: 68251&highlight=
my own thought is that it remains obstruction to either block access or egress from a 'private' drive where the drive is marked by a dropped curb. Report the obstructing vehicle to the police (the one belonging to the Sgt) as you will be suprised how many junior constables would love to get one over on their boss!!!!
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we do have a dropped kerb as does every other house in the street and we all have space for 3 cars on the drive which makes the whole situation so annoying

now when i return home and they are blocking my drive i have started parking on theirs

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