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traffic lights

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knickknack54 | 20:37 Sun 08th Jun 2008 | Law
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Hi ive been stopped by police who said i went through a red traffic light i was turning right on a filter light i was aware of the police car on my right hand turn as i passed he did a u turn stopped me first off he said i was a provisional driver then he said have you any points on your licence i said no he said you have now you went through a red light he said he could see my light was red ive gone back to the junction you cant see my light from were he was waiting is it worth fighting in court solicter told its a petty offence any advice be very gratefull thanks


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you know the odd comma and full stop would have made this so much easier to understand...
Hi, I've been stopped by police who said I went through a red traffic light.
I was turning right on a filter light; I was aware of the police car on my right hand turn.
As I passed he did a u turn and stopped me.
He said I was a provisional driver, then he said, "Have you any points on your licence?"
I said, "No."
He said, "You have now! You went through a red light."
He said he could see my light was red.

I've gone back to the junction. You can't see the light from where he was waiting.

Is it worth fighting in court? A solictor told me it's a petty offence.

Any advice? I'd be very grateful, thanks
he has no proof his word aginst yours

BUT As in the word of a old song

I fought the law and the law won
Wait for the fine to arrive and pay it. Dont fight it as they add 3 extra points in Court plus extra charges of �1k. Been thru this! There may be another police witness or even camera proof.
I would have thought that unless there were 2 police officers in the car at the time they cannot make it stick i.e. they need 2 forms of evidence e.g. 2 eye witnesses or camera and an eye witness etc.

There is no mention of how many coppers there were

Also someone mentions to just pay the fine but I thought you do get 3 points for jumping red lights, whether you go to court or not.

Its not clear which car was where, if they were parked next to you then they can see your traffic light too. Do you honestly believe that you did not go through a red light?

If you didnt then fight it but going to court may cost you more money in the long run and you have no guarantee or winning
Be very careful! Cameras cannot lie , it there were cameras at the junction. Although you could not see certain part of the junctions or the lights, and doesn't have to see the lights at your junction. The set of the lights have been time in accordance with each of the lights any road junctions.

If the officer issued you with a ticket, I would pay up. ITS NOT WORTH THE COST later, court fees and so. The court will charge you for the time .
Maybe the traffic light the policeman was at had turned to green and therefore he knew yours must be on red.

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traffic lights

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