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Reporting a neighbour

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x-jem-x | 20:02 Sun 22nd Mar 2009 | Law
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We have lived in our housing association house for 18 months now, but only speak to one set of neighbours (we are mid terrace).

The woman on the other side keeps herself to herself but will say hi when we see each other, however during the warm weather we have been spending time in our garden and have noticed that she and who ever happens to be in her house at the time are constantly smoking cannabis out of an open window and the smell and smoke in blowing into our garden. I really want to report her as I have a young child and so does she and I think that that kind of activity is disgusting; however I am worried that as we are the newest people on the street and the only ones who don't mix with everyone else it will be obvious it was us?

I am aware that she has had two previous offical warnings from our landlord (not for this but for other things) so do you think she would think it was the same people who reported her for that?

And lastly from a legal point of view what would happen to her?

Thanks in advance


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people like that never change , from bitter memory, do not get involved or report her , move away if poss , it will back fire on you good luck
Say hello to her tell her you are so excited because your brother / sister are coming to stay for a short time while they finish their police training course so they can join the drugs squad. They are soooooo anti drugs its unbelievable.....
report them and make it clear to the housing association that you do not want to be identified as the reportee. most tenancy agreements (particularly social landlords) have a caveat in the wording that covers the use of illegal drugs as a grounds for being evicted. as a landlord, if they are aware a tenant uses drugs and does nothing about it, they too will be breaking the law by allowing their premises to be used in such a way (the management of property act). good luck and make sure they do something about it if it bothers you that much x
Quite simple.
Get a name of his/her sibling or any friend of theirs who are not in their company and who do not stay with them. Call the police and tell them the name and say that you understand house address such and such a place is a drugs factory.

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Reporting a neighbour

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