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Mitigation in common assault - morbid jealousy

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Omega3 | 11:23 Fri 31st Jul 2009 | Law
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For many months now my wife has developed a delusional disorder known as Morbid Jealousy or Othello Syndrome. She is convinced I am having an affair and among other things has: planted a tracking device on me, confiscated bank cards, passport and access to money; scrutinised my email messages, diary and phone almost daily; searched my bag and pockets daily; secretly followed me to work and staked-out my office; made numerous 'surprise visits' to my office; several times burst in on me in the bathroom in the belief I could be making a private phone call; cross-examined me almost daily on my whereabouts; banned me from contacting friends; believed that work colleagues were covering up for me... it goes on.

As a result of my wife's behaviour I have been depressed and suffering mild panic attacks, for instance if a train is delayed or a meeting over-runs, or if I have a missed call on my phone. I have tolerated my wife's behaviour in the belief that the more helpful I could be in her 'investigations' would help convince her I haven't had an affair.... but it's got worse. 2 weeks ago, my wife and I had a heated argument and she threatened divorce and said she would deny me access to my kids if I didn't confess. Things became heated, My wife became violent and threw bleach at me and I 'snapped', I grabbed her, shook her, slapped her several times, restrained her and smashed up her mobile phone when she threatened to call the police. She says that at one point I put my hand over her mouth but I don't remember that. I am so ashamed, I have never done anything like this before, despite this ordeal I still love my wife!

I was charged with Assault by battery. My wife won't admit she has a problem, she is convinced of my infidelity. I don't know how useful an account of her behaviour toward me will be in mitigation. It is such a mess... any advice on mitigation would be appreciated. I don't want to go to jail.


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Do you still love your wife? After all this is finished do you want to remain with her?

If yes then the only thing I can suggest is plead guilty with mitigating circumstances. Then try to get her help.

If you can document her behaviour from before that might help?
I presume you have a solicitor? If you don't, you need one badly and quickly,. Your wife obviously has a severe mental problem and whilst your doctor may not be able to help you because of patient confidentialty on your wife's part, I think it might help to be talking to him/her. Also I believe there is an organisation for Battered Husbands (you are, in act being emotionally abused by your wife's behaviour) and if you Google them, somebody there might be able to give you some helpful aadvice.
You are obviously at the end of your tether. I hope you can find some suitable help and if it's a case of going to Court, having a list of all the things you have done to try and resolve this issue may act in your favour..
The Men's Advice Line can give male victims of DV emotional support and advice;

Has your wife been formally diagnosed and is she receiving medical treatment?

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Mitigation in common assault - morbid jealousy

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