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Likely Sentence

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JimmyCooper | 14:37 Fri 18th Dec 2009 | Law
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This scenario happened to me a couple of weeks ago:

Dawn Raid by Police and Trading Standards
Approx 30 items of counterfeit jewellery seized
Approx 150 items sold on ebay for between £25 and £30
Items if genuine retail for between £200 and £300 hence a "loss" to the industry of between £35000 and £50,000.00
Questioned at police station they are awaiting forensics from a laptop (nothing on it)

Never been in trouble before

Any idea of likely punishment?



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Did you mention the items were counterfeit on ebay? If not and people had paid good money for what they believed were genuine items, I hope they throw the book at you.
did you sell me that **** bracelet? can I have my money back please?
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WOW.. You've got some balls!! I guess someone stumped up the cash for your counterfeit goods and then discovered the truth and reported it!

Do you have a normal job? Or shouldnt I ask?

No idea bout likely punishment.. depends on what the charges are!
Question Author
Thank you another view - cant remember that being the answer to the question yawn.

The items were sold as genuine for £30.00 when the retail value was between £250 and £300. Of all those sold I had 100% positive feedback.

Anyway as yet I havent been charged. i was questioned, admitted all charges and co-operated fully. The guy from trading standards said he was passing the file over to their legal team who I suppose a bit like the CPS would decide whether to take it further
I can't imagine someone who has "never been in trouble before" suddenly is involved with selling 180 items of counterfeit goods.

take your toothbrush when you go to court.
Let's hope you spend Christmas in a cell with a big bloke called Bubba.
Question Author
Actually TS regularly buy high value items off Ebay and then check for authenticity
If you sold them as genuine then that is fraud by misrepresentation,it is also theft of monies from the genuine copyright holder. You are also open to civil claims from the customers you sold the items to.
you've had positive feedback because you've duped people into believing they're got the real deal. no doubt they'll feel differently when it falls apart/goes green, etc..

it's called fraud.
Question Author
is it possible for anyone to give an answer to the actual question?

I suppose all the self righteous have never bought a countereit CD, DVD or item of clothing have they.

I have never been in trioble before and the 150 items were sold over a period of 9 months
Question Author
Like I said can anyone with some ACTUAL knowledge of the law give an anwer?
Nope, can't say I have.
no, I haven't (knowingly). I like quality stuff and not rubbish.

you need legal advice. thus far your arguments in mitigation are only going to get you into more trouble.
No, I haven't.
I make a point of not doing so.
You have defrauded your customers and the copyright holders...........

Let's hope it's a bloody big book when they throw it at you.
Question Author
You are also open to civil claims from the customers you sold the items to

Rubbish TS and the Police have both told me that this will not be the case
So I'll ask the question again

What is the likely sentance
I have never knowingly bought a counterfeit item of any type. I prefer to pay more money for the 'real thing'.
You are definitely looking at having to pay a very large fine if they charge you with fraud,you will also have to pay all court costs.
Question Author

For the 4th time

Without a sermon for breaking the law

Does anyone know the actual sentance
look on the bright side you have 100% positive feedback

I thought you would have got the hint by now, possibly NO is the answer to your question?

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Likely Sentence

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