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yeh just wondering if wham g.michael can still travel to the USA?

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piggynose | 20:28 Wed 06th Oct 2010 | Law
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i wonder if that puff wham boy g.michael will be allowed to enter the USA, now he has a different kind of record(criminal)


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Like the magic dragon ?
I know what he meant, it was just unnecessary.
I'm not sure what his sexuality has to do with anything, let alone being relevant to a question about American Visas
I would imagine requests to travel would be at the discretion of the usa, Im glad you wrote "puff" though, I had no idea who you were talking about then..
seriously, that's not the first criminal record he's had - remember Wake Me Up Before You Go Go...?
He's had a US criminal record since 1998 and various additions to his UK criminal record since 2006 which have subsequently not been an impediment to his entry (oooer missus).
Exceptions are made for the rich and famous so yes, unlike 'normal' people who would probably be barred from entry, George Michael will face no such obstruction.

It is a sad fact of life that in some instances there really is one rule for one and one for everybody else.
Question Author
that was my point flip-flop
So what has 'puff' got to do with it?
Question Author
sorry if i offended you ummmmm, its a harmless adjective IMO.
Maybe its because i have two queer cousins who i´m always calling puffs.
i thought you meant puff as in cannabis....*sigh*
You didn't offend me....
"I have 2 queer cousins.."

how very 1970's.
Question Author
thats funny the nancy boys were both born in the ´70´s.
isn´t that a coincidence
Puff as in Sugar Puffs, Puff Daddy, Puff The Magic Dragon?

Do you mean poof?

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Do you know the answer?

yeh just wondering if wham g.michael can still travel to the USA?

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